Forever Chuck: Exploring the Converse Chuck Family

The Beginning, The Throwback, The Sequel, The Evolution

The Chuck Taylor silhouette is the core of Converse. It’s grown over the years, becoming a collection of classic sneakers based on the same famous silhouette.

The original Chuck Taylor All Star is the one that started it all in 1917. The Chuck ’70 is the throwback—a look back and celebration of vintage details. The Chuck II is the sequel to the original, taking the logical next step in comfort. Lastly, the Chuck Modern is a look forward at what the Chuck can be, transformed through cutting-edge design.




The Beginning:

The one that started it all. Created in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was the original basketball shoe. Its purpose has changed over the years (please don’t play basketball in them), but it’s still perfect in its simplicity. With its timeless silhouette, vulcanized rubber sole and unmistakable ankle patch, the Chuck is made for your self-expression.

The Throwback: 

The Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 is a re-crafted throwback that uses modern details to celebrate the original All Star from the 1970s. Things like more cushioning and thicker rubber let you rediscover that era of classic basketball off the court. It has the look and feel of a ’70s-era court Chuck, but with less of the smell.

The Sequel: 

The Chuck Taylor All Star II is the sequel to the classic All Star sneaker. It has the same silhouette you know and love, but adds lightweight Nike Lunarlon cushioning. This is a Chuck that’s been re-designed with your comfort in mind. We like to think that’s a good thing.

The Evolution: 

TheChuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit is what happens when a classic sneaker is transformed through modern design. Created for lightweight comfort, it’s a look to the future for those who want something new in what they put on their feet. Think of it as a major facelift for our century-long heritage. The Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit collection marks the first time Converse has incorporated Nike Flyknit technology into any of the brand’s footwear, resulting in a truly innovative version of the Chuck Taylor icon.



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Posted on: 23 Feb 2017


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